Virtual Fundraising for charities during COVID-19

In the era of coronavirus, every activity is greatly affected by social distancing and national lockdown, and fundraising is not an exception.

A lot of charitable organizations have to cancel or transform their fundraising events because of social isolation policies, which results in a decrease in fundraising income.

Therefore, during this time, it is necessary for us to create a novel way to attract our donors and raise income by making use of the internet. To do this, take some time to consider whether our events could be held online or not.

In this article, we hope you can find a useful and effective way to make people excited and motivated to donate their money from the comfort of their homes.

Here are our top 15 ways of fundraising from home.

1. Challenge Accepted!

You and your friends can have a whale of a time together while helping to contribute to the fundraising income. You just need to set a challenge for everybody to do at home. There are many ideas that you use from who can hold a glass of water on their head the longest, to who can spend the longest time on the dance mat. Every competitor hands out a particular amount of money, and the winner can get half of the funds raised while the rest will be donated to charity. You can take some photos of or record these challenges and then post them on social networking sites so that everyone would know.

2. Movie Night!

For nonprofit organizations that already have a movie that plays a vital role in their community, taking hosting a virtual movie watching event into account is advisable. To carry out this, you can fix a time for everybody to begin watching the movie online together, while also joining in a chat room. Then remember to donate.

3. Yoga Live

If you are an expert at yoga, you could run an online video yoga session. You can teach individuals or small groups virtually and charge participants as a donation to your fundraiser page.

4. Fitness Training

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted in-person athletic events, online fitness training is getting more and more popular. Are you a fitness freak or interested in staying healthy in the safety of your home? Hold or attend a fitness training online, and make sure that you and the participants donate to a fundraising page.

5. Tonight Performing Live

If you have a great passion for art and are a creative arts person, creating a performance where you can sing, read poems, act and perform musical instruments online from home is not a bad idea. You can ask your audience for requests and charge per request and ticket to attend online. All the money you can earn would be donated to a charitable fundraiser.

6. Live Podcast

Are you a good speaker and have a sweet voice? If yes, go online and start recording your own podcast on anything that you know about. It could range from your daily activities, your skincare routine, your favorite books to your work. You could ask small donations for people who download or listen to your podcast.

7. A Fundraising Dinner

You can set a time for your friends and family to join a dinner online together. Create an easy menu, send the recipe and then you can cook and enjoy the meal together through the chatting apps. You can donate 50% of the cost of the ingredients to the charity as you would have saved cooking for more than one person.

8. Swap Shop Online

An online swap shop is an ideal way to raise money for charity while removing unwanted items. You can exchange different items such as your clothes, your books, your electronic devices and so forth. Sell them online and donate to charity.

9. Online Car Race

Everyone needs a windup car, and you need to set up a 1 metre track on similar flooring. The race would be broadcast on the internet. The winner of the race will receive 50% of the total entrance fee and the rest will go to the charity.

10. Games Night

First, you need to figure out which online game people in your network might be engaged in. Then hold and broadcast it online to attract more players. After the Games Night, you can use the joining fee to donate to the charity.

11. Competition Time

Online contests are fun, simple and interactive. Competitors need to pay a fee to enter and voters need to pay to vote. It can be a talent contest, a photography competition, or a drawing contest. You can donate the entrance fee to the fundraiser page.

12. Online Shop

You can make some handicraft products at home and sell them online. Then you can donate your profits to a charity for a good cause.

13. Amazon Smile

If you are shopping on Amazon, you could change over to their charitable site. At check-out you simply choose “Global Vision International Charitable Trust” and Amazon donates a percentage on qualifying items to charity.

14. Online Teaching

If you or anyone in your organization has proficiency in any skills, offer an online class. You can also recruit a professional to volunteer to host the class. What you need to do is to set up an event, charge admission, and teach your skill. It can be a cooking course, a photography class or a dance course.

15. Social Media Campaign

Finally, you could donate through Facebook or Instagram and the greatest thing is that Facebook doesn’t charge any fees. You can also share campaigns with your friends and relatives and ask them to join and donate too.

The final words

If you’re trying to save your fundraising events, virtual fundraising events can be a reasonable alternative. We hope these 15 online fundraising ideas can inspire you. Choose a suitable one and give it a go!

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