The new clinic is taking shape!

Last time we shared the exciting news about the new clinic that we have been helping Coco’s build. We are so thankful to you that we were able to sponsor an entire room, the GVI- Charitable Trust Room.

Now we would like to share with you what else we have been using your generous donations for and how the clinic is starting to take shape!

We have been able to provide enough funds to Coco’s so that they could purchase the following:

  • Double hand washing sink
  • All in One printer
  • Power Strip
  • Air Conditioning
  • Drinking water dispenser (partial price donation)
  • CCTV system

All of these purchases have been deemed essential for the following reasons

  • The sink area will be used as a sterilising and disinfecting area for hands during the daily work at the clinic
  • The printer will be used so that Coco’s can print flyers for the regular spay and neuter campaigns that they run.
  • The power strips will be able to connect multiple devices in different rooms
  • The air conditioning will keep the surgery rooms cool and, very importantly, dry for better performance and hygiene.
  • The water dispenser will supply safe drinking water for staff and visitors- essential in the Mexican heat!
  • The CCTV system is a deterrent against theft and used to keep the premises and all of our stock and equipment safe and secure.

As the final touches take place at the clinic we are getting more and more excited. We hope that our next update will be to bring you news of the opening of this amazing new facility that you have helped make a reality!

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