Sterilisation Campaign in Huay Pakoot, Thailand

GVI Chiang Mai is based in the remote village of Huay Pakoot. Due to the remoteness of the village, they have no access to veterinary care for the cats and dogs and as result, we have seen a huge population increase with regards to the dogs in the village.

We were approached by the Mahouts Foundation, who are also based in Huay Pakoot, to join a sterilisation clinic that was being run in the nearest town, Mae Chaem. The sterilisation clinic was run by BEES Foundation (elephant sanctuary), LOOP Abroad (vets), The Department of Livestock Chiang Mai and The Department of Livestock Mae Chaem.

The clinic was run over a course of 4 days and we successfully had 21 dogs sterilised at the clinic. Our volunteers were a huge help during the clinic and helped to transfer the dogs from the village to Mae Chaem, which is roughly an hour and a half away from the village. This is the first time many of the dogs had ever been in a car so was very uncomfortable for them, but the volunteers were on hand to ensure they were as comfortable as possible.

Although there are still many dogs that need to be sterilised, attending this clinic was a huge step forward and most of the sterilised dogs were females, which will help prevent more litters of puppies. All of the villagers were also extremely supportive of the clinic and them allowing us to take their dogs there was a huge success.

Having seen the clinic work so well, LOOP Abroad said they will be running another clinic later in the year and would be happy to run the clinic in Huay Pakoot which would be extremely helpful.

A total of £500 was donated towards ensuring the success of this day

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