Promoting Gender Equality in Invasores

We have recently completed a gender equality workshop at our Invasores project and it was a great success!

The workshops are delivered on topics that we have identified as being relevant to the lives of the children living in the area. We prepared a 2-hour class full of discussions, activities, games, drawing and friendly competitions about gender equality.

Why gender equality?

The women in Mexico suffer from discrimination and violence. There are still places where girls are traded for goods and where women are not allowed to express their opinions. With this workshop, we aimed to inform the children on the importance of this topic. To our surprise, this day work out really well, kids really enjoyed it and based on their responses about the differences between boys and girls the workshop was really helpful for them.  The boys, for example, admitted they want to cry sometimes without being mocked. As well as girls saying that they wanted to play soccer freely.

As a reward for their amazing participation in the classes and workshop, we gave them some toys and clothes that were donated by people in Playa de Carmen. You could not believe the excitement on their faces, something that for some people is no longer useful for others it is a treasure. The biggest reward was not only seeing their happy faces after choosing the

The biggest reward was not only seeing their happy faces after choosing the toys but to see how they embraced the subject and reflected on it.

Thank you for your continued help and support which allows us to host workshops such as these.

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