Is Vermi Aquaponics the solution?

You’ve probably never heard of Vermi Aquaponics before right? Neither had I prior to learning about it just recently. However, once I understood what it was and what its purpose is, I was surprised it wasn’t more widely known and commonly used. Its impacts so far have been tremendous to those that have incorporated it into their communities. Essentially, Vermi Aquaponics is a farming method that recycles water and nutrients to grow plants and fish for third world countries.

Why It’s Important

Vermi Aquaponics is a method designed for countries which are fighting hunger, thirst, and poverty. The system uses a large tub of water, which can just be a hole dug out of the ground, as the basis for the farm and a home for the fish to mature. It also has tubes where plants are grown. The plants and fish are an abundant, healthy, and reproducing food source to solve the hunger. Currently, many families in third world countries eat only one or two meals a day, and consist of some bread or small amounts of other food. Parents and some children work laborious hours every day to earn every cent they can to feed their family. Another key feature is the water that is provided by a vermi aquaponics system. Many countries in Africa face deadly droughts where water becomes very scarce, and the water that is accessible is unfiltered and insanitary, which can lead to sickness. However, vermi aquaponics solves this problem. The main source of water can be used for drinking, as well as for washing hands, cleaning clothes, food, etc. On top of that, the fish and plants can be sold to make a profit for the community to pay for other necessities like school fees, housing, or even improvements to the vermi aquaponics system.

What Makes Vermi Aquaponics Special And Unique

Vermi Aquaponics is an interesting farming method because it has some unique attributes based on the environment. For one, the tub of water is just a hole dug out of the ground and lined with pond liner. Because of the heat that would evaporate water from the tub, the system uses a shed net laid over a shed-like framing over the farm to prevent water level from lowering. One of the more unique features of vermi aquaponics is that it recycles water by using pumps to cycle water around. The water is pumped from the tub to the tubes where the plants are grown. This allows for two different benefits: water is kept clean and sanitary because it’s always being cycled around, and nutrients are shared between plants and fish allowing for double the growth rate!

How You Can Help And Why

A simple way to help is to donate to the GVI Trust organisation, a charity dedicated to creating brighter futures for impoverished communities. By donating, you can make a big difference for many. A Vermi Aquaponics agricultural system requires a lot of materials and an educational program, totalling out to about 2400 GBP (British Pound Sterling). That cost only covers required materials for the project, not tools needed for performing the construction. Your donations will:

  • Supply materials for the farm
  • Supply tools to build the farm
  • Pay for agricultural classes related to Vermi Aquaponics
  • Supply fish, plants and/or seeds to get the farm going

Communities in poverty need some support to get started on Vermi Aquaponics, so they can have self-sustainable food, water, and profit. It takes a lot to get started, but after that it’s all uphill. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Vermi Aquaponics, and please consider donating, as you know it is toward a great cause.

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