In celebration of International Day of Conscience

On the 5th April, the General Assembly declared International Day of Conscience This day is an international day of awareness to celebrate the importance of human conscience. It is vital that human beings recognize the importance of well-being for all living species in order to preserve life on our planet. This is to be achieved through conscious collaboration, peaceful relations and respect for the dignity of human rights. The United Nations established International Day of Conscience, with the aim of promoting the culture of tranquility across the globe, giving the world solidarity and making it a better place. 

While commemorating this day let’s take a look at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). These goals were adopted by all United Nations member states in 2015, aiming to end poverty, keep the environment ecologically healthy and ensure that by 2030 everyone globally will be living a peaceful and prosperous life. Action Change celebrates this day by placing a spotlight on one of their projects which is  tackling 2 of these goals, goal 12: Responsible consumption and Production and goal 15: Life on Land

 Tackling Waste Management & Introducing Recycling – Action Change ]

Tackling waste management is one of Action Change projects. This project tackles SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production and SDG 15, life on land. Waste management is a critical challenge globally,  by focusing on being more environmentally sustainable and by recycling, and carefully considering your consumption you can make a difference. Our project is actively creating awareness around recycling in their communities and inspiring people to take action.  

By Yanga Yose

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