How your donations help!

Over recent years, we have seen a rise in the number of children who are enrolled in schools in Laos. Now, there is a 98.7% net enrolment in primary education rate. Despite these good indicators, there is still great disparity in opportunities afforded to those from poorer, rural communities and the more wealthy populations. Often students have to travel far in order to get a quality education. This travel is not free and places high economic stress on these families. As a result, students often drop out of school early, to ease the economic strain and begin earning for their families instead. In fact, in 2017 only 81.9% of enrolled children actually complete primary education. 

Here at Action Change, we are working to try and provide children from poorer backgrounds with a quality education that does not come with high economic stress so that they are not forced to leave school early. Your generous donations have meant that we can provide scholarships to students from rural communities, who may not have otherwise been able to complete their education.  

Miss See is one of our sponsored students. Thanks to kind and generous donations from people like you, she was able to go on and study at university! She now, alongside completing her degree, uses the things she has learnt to help others by teaching voluntarily at the English Centre in Luangprabang. She is a very impressive and hardworking student who we are so happy we have been able to help. Miss See wanted to share her thanks with our donors with this message:

“Hello, my beautiful donors. My name is Xisidaphet Ly. I am 21 years old. I am an English teaching student. I come from a small village in the countryside of Luangprabang province, Laos. I have seven siblings all together. My parents are farmers. I’d like to thank my past donor who supported me throughout my first three years at university. With your generous support, I was able to finish my first three years and I was very grateful for that.”

Miss See is getting ready for her final year of university and now dreams of becoming an English teacher, to help other children. She is particularly passionate about helping those, like her, who are from the countryside and do not have the chance to study English in the big cities.

We hope that Miss See is just the start of many other inspiring students who we can help complete their education. If you can spare any donation today, small or big, you can help another student to have the opportunity that they otherwise would not be granted. Just $50 can send a child in Laos to school for a month, or $60 can sponsor a whole classroom for a month!

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