Has your company planted a tree?

Today we celebrate World Earth Day across 190 countries. This has become a tradition for some, where we raise awareness and inspire action environment protection. For over 50 years many of us have chosen to cut back on waste, raise environmental awareness, or adopt a sustainable diet.

Make an impact as a business

When employees are happy, they care about the company and are driven to make it achieve its goals. This can be done by including employees in charitable activities and making a difference in the world we live in today. Planting a tree is a simple, yet effective task employees can get involved in this Earth Day. With several benefits; purifying air, acting as a natural air conditioner, reinforcing soil, to name a few, the question now is, why hasn’t your business planted a tree yet?

Increase and decrease in air pollution

We get so caught up in our goals of becoming successful, that we don’t take note of what is happening around us at times.  Air pollution has increased by a shocking 11% from 1980 to 2019 and continues to increase. Countries across Asia and Africa are being exposed to the increasing levels of air pollution, which negatively impact one’s health. But, there seems to be light at the end of this tunnel. North America and Europe are on a declining trend, elaborating on how we can make a difference.

Bringing the Trees Back to Life

If only we could bring a tree back from the dead… Every minute the size of 50 football pitches is lost to deforestation yet we rely on these trees to protect our wildlife, for medical research, and to ensure that we can breathe. Currently, we estimate 10 million hectares per year are being destroyed and this is why it is vital that plant trees because if we don’t do this today, our future will be very different.

With 4.2million deaths every year as a result of exposure to air pollution and humans inhaling more pollution each day, it is time to invest in your employees and invest in our planet.

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