Encourage employees to assist in hygiene workshops across Cambodia

Sanitation and hygiene are critical to health, survival, and development. This might seem like a basic skill that we have practiced since kindergarten, but for many across the globe, this is not the case.

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

A new report on inequalities in access to water, sanitation, and hygiene also reveals more than half of the world does not have access to safe sanitation services. Basic water and sanitation is having a protected drinking water source that takes less than thirty minutes to collect water from. People need to be able to use an improved toilet or latrine as well as handwashing facilities with soap and water in their homes.

5 million Cambodians do not have access to clean water and basic hygiene practices, which greatly affects most aspects of life. Access to water is not enough, as contaminated water is linked to the transmission of disease. With so many people in need of clean water and sanitation, it is time for us to jump in and make a difference. The challenge might seem unimaginable, but through educating the community we can start the ripple effect of paying it forward.

Employee retention

Our aim is to provide our students with basic hygiene kits, alongside regular workshops, to teach the importance of basic hygiene practices. Corporates can get their employees involved and give back to the community by volunteering in these workshops. Providing an educational pack and kits is another fun manner in which employees can get involved! Education is such a powerful tool in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our Health and Well-being is a basic human right, not something which we should fight for.

By promoting, donating, and running these community workshops and engaging projects we bring rural communities together to be educated and learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We help to protect lives and increase life expectancy across Asia.

A small act of kindness today can lead to a brighter future for many in these communities.

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