Education is the only way we grow but it comes at a cost. Can everyone afford it?

Education is such an important part of our lives, imagine if you were never taught how to talk, walk or even tie your shoes. Life would be very different and we believe everyone should have the right to an education as this is the biggest catalyst for us as a global society to tackle all global issues. 

When you become a proud owner of a plant you know that you can’t just leave it and hope it grows. No, you water it, nurture it until it grows and blossoms to reach its full potential. Our children need the same support from us and we are the only people that can make this happen. 

Even with education advancing to online today to lower the costs this is not always possible for everyone as today over 4 billion people around the world are not connected to the internet. We believe that to break the cycle of poverty and all the global issues that are outlined under the United Nations SDG’s we need to source strong local candidates and give them a chance through scholarships to become ambassadors, teachers and influencers within their communities to fight these issues. 

Did you know that there are charities out there that work closely with every community andare best equipped to engage and mentor strong community members through life changing projects, internships and opportunities. So how can we help them take the next step? Scholarships are not just handouts or cover a fun trip abroad like we have seen in the past, people asking for support today are  committed to finding placements that not only will inspire, motivate and spark an interest with them but also leaves them with a strong career path and future plan to make a difference within their community. Remember the old saying you can give a hungry man a fish but buy him a fishing rod and you make the solution sustainable. Give someone an education and the resources to break the cycle of global issues and they will do much more than we can. Over the past 15 years charities like GVI Trust / Action Change have funded scholarships for local people in Fiji, Mexico, Costa Rica, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and many more countries. This has all been possible because of your generous donations and we don’t want to stop here but our funds are low. Did you know that an internship placement in Africa costs us around $450 for 3 weeks. Together we can make a difference and raise enough funds for the next generation to learn. 

Our Future can sometime feel bleak but I can tell you that charities like GVI Trust see daily the passion, inspiration and dedication of our youths and they make it worthwhile. With our support they will take action to change our future to be a great place for everyone to live. 

If you want to Grow a Future for someone special then check out and donate to this project today! 

Thank you for being part of the future! 

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