5 Reasons why a Corporate Partnership can improve your business

Do you really know your targeted audience? High pay-checks are no longer the thing that seals the deal with Millennials and Gen Z, they also are not always influenced by product price or brand anymore. Here are 5 reasons why a CSR partnership could transform your business while helping to transform our planet. 

1. Millennials and Gen Zs will choose an organisation that is taking steps to help tackle social issues over one that pays more! 

The Deloitte Global Millennial and Gen Z Survey has shown over the past few years the growing importance of a CSR strategy over pay or other corporate perks. It is no longer the employer that pays the most that staff want to work for. Therefore to attract the best talent it is time for employers to invest in a social responsibility impact program. Action Change is a global charity and we know how much work it is to run successful and the most impactful projects daily. This is why joining together and forming a corporate partnership takes away the stress and helps us that have years of experience ensure our efforts together have the biggest long term sustainability impact. 

2. Tap into free marketing that promotes your brand to new audiences and showcases your caring side

As a CEO of a charity I know that promoting the issues and challenges we face is equally as important to our project work, in order for us to tackle these issues we need to educate and inform a wide audience about what is going on around the world and what issues we really are facing. Doing this, charities have a huge audience of followers that are passionate about our work, without them we wouldn’t be here! As an organisation that joins us on our mission will also be a part of our story and putting your brand or service infront of many new people, many people also will favor an organisation over another from their commitment to help others and our planet.  

3. It’s our responsibility to help at least offset our footprint in this world.  

Everything we do is impacting our planet, while we need to make money we must remember that when we ask our staff to travel to work by car, travel for business, or we send things by post wrapped in plastic we are having a big negative impact on the world. While taking steps to use recycled and clean products, which is a very important step, it is not enough and we need to and should be doing more. If you can look at your profits at the end of the year knowing you have made money but also given back and made a difference to many people around the world then I beleive that is a big success. Imagine if everyone on this earth did this then the 17 huge global issues outlined by the United Nations wouldn’t be behind on tackling them and the world would be much stronger together. 

4. Tax relief for your donation 

Finally we can say something good about governments, as governments know they can’t do everything themselves and charities are a key resource for change and tackling global issues. Most countries therefore offer some sort of benefit to donating to charity. In the UK you can claim a UK tax relief by deducting the value of your donations from your total business profits before paying tax and there is no limit to this amount! In the states if you donate to a USA registered 501 then you can also claim a USA tax relief but you must have a tax receipt from the donation and must file Schedule A of your IRS tax return form. In South Africa individuals can claim a maximum of 10% or 20% if donating property of your annual profits to charity tax free. Action Change is able to assist with donations and the paperwork you need if you donate in the United Kingdom, United States and South Africa. We also partner with other countries but you would need to check with your local tax officer the relief on donating to an overseas charity. It is important to ask these questions before you form a partnership and ensure they are able to provide the right paperwork to assist with your annual tax return, 

5. Being a Good Human – staff engagement 

A partnership doesn’t have to be about only giving money. Many of our partnerships include many engaging aspects for staff which has a proven track record of improving staff retention. Action Change corporates join us as virtual mentors to our projects around the world, we offer site visits and corporate volunteering trips, staff have won competitions to visit projects overseas, staff fundraising and gift vouchers incentives to donate to a project that relates to them and inviting some of our project staff to attend corporate events is always a win for staff retention. It is important when forming a partnership you discuss the benefits for both sides and what you would like to get back and how much your team would like to be involved. 

If you would like to find our more about partnerships with us then check out our corporate website or send a DM to setup a time to chat.

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