Global Healthcare & Disease Awareness Project

Action Change funds around 20 Health and Wellbeing projects globally; our projects are run by locals on the ground and with our support tackle inequality of access to healthcare, provide disease awareness training, and enable good sanitation, to stop populations getting ill in regions across Africa, India, Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Projects include:
– Support for Children with Cancer and Family Breaks for Children Fighting Cancer(United Kingdom)
– Essential Rehabilitation Sessions for Disabled Children (India)
– Access to Early Childhood Centres (Zimbabwe)
– Workshops to Promote Good Health in Asia (Cambodia)
– Urgent Access to Free Healthcare in Africa (South Africa)
– Community Health Clinics in Asia (multiple locations)
– Clean Water to Communities in Need (multiple locations)
– Introducing and Facilitating Sports in African Schools (South Africa)
– Hearing Aids, Glasses and Tests for a Child in Africa (South Africa)
– Transition Community Health Clinics to Renewable Energy (Nepal)

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All of our projects are run by local people for local communities, to encourage the spread of learning throughout the communities themselves and drive sustainable
change. Donate to help us fund one of our many healthcare and wellbeing projects, that are working towards the United Nation’s SDGs:

#3 – Ensure good health and wellbeing for all

#6 – Provide clean water and sanitation for all

#10 – Reduce the inequalities that lead to health crises in underserved populations across the globe

Access to healthcare, health services, treatment and wellbeing resources are a luxury we take for granted in high-income countries, while those in low- and middle-income countries strive for their basic needs to be met. A lack of local health facilities, general disease awareness in urban and rural settings, poor education and little or no funding leaves people in regions across Africa, India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, without hope. Our work changing that, but we need sustained funding to keep these projects alive.

Working in partnership with corporations, individual donors, and local community leaders, we aim to raise the funds and provide the support network to a number of communities globally. The aim is to break the cycle, empower leadership and knowledge sharing within communities and deliver sustainable access to health and wellbeing for everyone.

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