Training Police and Teachers in Emergency First Aid in Ghana

As we started to prepare our schools and projects to re-open after COVID-19 our community in Ghana came aware of the lack of emergency first responders and first aider’s available within the community. 

We set to work last month to train 18 teachers across four different schools. With COVID-19 showing a strain on emergency services this request came directly from our the community. 

Our first session to educate 10 educators from 2 schools has recently finished and we are really pleased with the outcome. Everything has gone incredibly well and all 10 educators successfully passed the intensive course with many getting close to a 100% on their final exams. We were also excited to hear such positive feedback from the staff and recently learnt that one of the teachers has already put their new skills to the test by helping an elderly gentleman from the community that was having heart and breathing difficulties in the community the day after graduation last week.

In reflection after this first session we see a need to fund fully equipped first aid kits for the school. As we prepare a second course for further educators from another 2 schools and would also like to extend the invite to community police officers. We now know that it is very important for us to provide first aid kits and in addition we would like to source and fund protective barriers that are not usually in the standard kit but due to COVID are vital for the staff, this includes things like eye protectors, masks, mouth-to-mouth guards etc. 

By the end of November we aim to have trained 18 teachers in primary care, secondary care, children’s first aid and sanitation & hygiene. Fully funded 4 comprehensive first aid kits with protective equipment and further trained 4 community police officers in primary care, secondary care and children’s first aid.

We have just completed training 10 educators and we now need to fundraise $1,900 to complete our target. Every gift our donors makes is truly impacting people around the world and if you would like to donate please click here

Thank you! 

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