Growing Our Partnership With President’s Village In Seychelles

Our relationship and commitment to our partner, Presidents Village Children’s Home, is continuing to develop.

We have started to implement some changes, such as a stronger focus on education. Our regular sessions are scheduled to take place at Port Launay beach where we take the children swimming. We have started to focus more on actively teaching and improving the children’s swimming skills.

The competent swimmers are taken on guided snorkelling sessions. Our volunteers are able to point marine life and answer questions about what they are seeing. The volunteers have done really well with this new framework and in particular, our national scholars have been a huge asset.  When swimming lessons are cancelled, we take the opportunity to conduct educational sessions at the home. This ensures that we are continuing to provide constructive contact time with the children.

Our main charity event for this quarter was the Inaugural St Anne Marine Park Adventure Race held in conjunction with our partners Seychelles National Park Authority (SNPA) and the Sails Training School. The event celebrated the 44th anniversary of the Marine Park, the oldest of its kind in the Indian Ocean region. The event aimed to promote greater use of the marine parks by Seychellois. All participant entry fees will be donated to the children’s home. There were approximately 30 teams taking part on the day.

Thank you for your continued support!

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