Coco’s Animal Welfare Makes an Impact in Playa del Carmen Communities

During the first quarter, our partners Coco’s Animal Welfare, had a massive impact on the region’s animals. This amazing team managed to complete 943 sterilisation surgeries, divided into 514 dogs and 429 cats in their permanent Spay and Neuter Campaign.

Here is an overview of what was achieved:

  • The Outreach Program supports communities around Playa del Carmen by providing free care for their pets. They are able to provide free transportation, medical consultation and sterilisation to these communities. In the first quarter, 161 pets benefited from this program.
  • The Maxi-Paw Puerto Aventuras Campaign was held in Puerto Aventuras between February 11-12.  This campaign assists towns and cities outside of Playa del Carmen where these is little to no animal care available. During the first quarter, the campaign completed 260 sterilisation surgeries for 202 dogs and 58 cats.
  • 395 animals were assisted by the Kitten and Dog Program. This program supports other local organisations and individuals that rescue or adopt a companion animal. The program allows them to secure health care for the animal that they have adopted.
  • Coco’s Kittens and Cachito’s rehoming program saw 36 animals rescued and 45 found a new home.
  • During February, Coco’s and IFAW supported the National Rabies Vaccination Week. They vaccinated 76 animals at the clinic and 1134 were vaccinated by the team in remote locations.

Coco’s Animal Welfare are in the planning stages of their annual VIDAS campaign. The VIDAS campaign runs in collaboration with the organisation, VIDAS, from the US. This year it is going to take place from 4- 9thof August 2017.

Thank you for your ongoing support to the animals of Playa del Carmen and surrounding areas!

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