Maximize your gift to charity with Global Giving.

Donate between 8th - 12th April and all donations will be matched 50% up to $50

What is Little by Little?

Each year GlobalGiving announce a five-day crowdfunding campaign, which is designed to help GlobalGiving partners worldwide, cultivate a robust network of small-dollar donors.

GlobalGiving support this campaign by matching $200,000 USD worth of donations for all eligible donations of up to $50 until the funds run out.

How do you get involved?

All you need is to follow two simple steps. 

  1. Head to our projects hosted on GlobalGiving (Links below!) during the 8th – 12 April.
  2. Choose one of our projects to support, make a donation and up to $50 will automatically be matched. 

Don’t forget to share your donation on your social media and help us reach as many people as possible. 


Get involved with our projects

With your help

Action Change has contributed over £2 million to over 50 projects worldwide.

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