Rent Paid for Another Year at Street’s Home

Thanks to your donations as well as a fundraising effort from one of our former volunteers and her family and friends, we have managed to enough funds to pay rent for the entire year!

The home currently has 11 children ages between 6 – 14 years of age. They have all run away from their homes for a variety of reasons and ended up on the streets of Pokhara. The children are now safe in a caring home, where they have regular, healthy meals, clothes and an education. The children are always full of energy and are keen to learn.

The children and staff of the Street Children’s Rehabilitation Home have been living in a wonderful, rented home for the last year. This location has been so much better for everyone because it is more spacious and homely. There is also an outside area where they can play and do their homework. Recently, the house mother has begun to grow vegetables in the garden and the children love to help.

By paying rent for the home, it has meant that the children have a stable and consistent environment that they can call home. It also offers them all the space and facilities they need, as well as plenty of outdoor space for playing and gardening. The outdoor area is also used every day as part of our childcare programme.

We would like to thank all our donors and volunteers, and particularly Sushil, for her fundraising efforts for the home.  We are grateful that we are able to support the home in many different ways.

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