Emergency Relief for Fiji After Cyclone Winston

Back in February Cyclone Winston destroyed many buildings in its path, including the Library at Navunisea District School. This library was originally built using charitable donations and it was a wonderful area for one on one lessons, reading workshops and lesson planning with teachers. During the cyclone, we lost the library as well as all of the teaching and reading resources that were stored there.

Shortly after the Cyclone, a temporary structure was erected by the New Zealand Army, built from the remains of wood from damaged buildings and tarpaulin to help make the building weather resistant. It has served its purpose as a temporary classroom for Class 6 as well as a general learning space, while the school awaits further repair work. However, the last few months of use has taken its toll and the building is slowly beginning to fall apart. Wood is becoming loose, the tarp is damaged and the doors are hanging off their hinges.

So, now it’s time to start the rebuild!

The materials have arrived and the building work starts next week. We’ve begun by dismantling as much of the temporary structure as possible, saving and storing any salvageable materials in the process which will be used to make desks for the coming year. Eventually, the new building will become the NDS Library, but while they wait for the rest of the school’s build to begin, it will serve as a fantastic classroom!

Thank you for all of the kind donations that have made this possible. We look forward to keeping you updated with building developments in the near future! Vinaka.

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