Coco’s Clinic 1st Anniversary

During the months of April, May and June our partners Coco’s Animal Welfare celebrated their 1st anniversary in their new clinic. Since they moved from the house to this clinic the impact on the region’s animals has been amplified! The team, with the support of volunteers managed to complete during this trimester 1,159 sterilization surgeries, divided in 498 dogs and 661 cats in their permanent Spay and Neuter Campaign.

The Outreach program provided support to 196 animals, 49 cats and 79 dogs got fixed and 68 animals got their rabies vaccination.

603 animals were assisted on the Kitten and Dog programmes supporting other local organizations, rescuers and individuals that rescued or adopted a companion animal, securing the good health of the animals, 409 cats and 194 dogs.

On the adoption Programs, Coco’s Kittens and Cachito’s fund, 59 animals were rescued in three months while 38 were adopted.

There were more clinic procedures to animals like traumatic abdominal hernia, heart worm treatment, profilaxis, inguinal hernia, eye flaps, cherry eye, pyometra, special anesthesia, otohematoma, orthopaedic surgery, HW treatment, TVT treatments, tail amputation, limb amputation and enucleation.

During this period Cocos supported wild fauna too, they treated 2 opossums and 1 rabbit.

Thank you for all your generous donations!

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