Our Partnerships

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 is ‘Partnerships for the Goals’. We can’t tackle global issues alone and it is the strong partnerships, commitment and working together that will ensure we tackle the goals by 2030. 

With this in mind we work hard to partner with the right people, each partnership for us is special and starts off small and grows to ensure that we maximise our efforts in achieving sustainable development globally. We partner with local organisations and charities to help then grow and provide the support and resources they need to tackle global issues. 
We also partner with funding partners, corporates and other key stakeholders working towards similar missions to us. 

Currently we are working with: 

Marula School, Zimbabwe http://marulaprimary.ac.zw/
A small government school that was setup by the farming community in 1939 and taken over as a government school in 1995. The school offers boarding for a number of children funded by the government and their families and we support around 200 day schools by funding their school dinners and helping to increase the school resources. Education is the Key To Success.

Renewable World, Nepal https://renewable-world.org/
Clean, reliable energy is critical to education, water, health, agriculture, business, and more. Energy poverty is one of the primary barriers for families to realise their full potential.

U Turn, South Africa http://homeless.org.za/
Homeless people is a huge problem in South Africa and our partner in South Africa provides a sustainable and unique project to engage, rehabilitate and retrain homeless people.

Women Empowerment & Rehabilitation Trust, Zimbabwe http://wert.co.zw/
WERT employs a holistic, positive and non-discriminative approach to enhance the lives of the women it seeks to rehabilitate through its activities and functions.

SPARK Read, Zimbabwe https://www.sparkreadcharitabletrust.org/
Innovatively empowers girls and women in Zimbabwe. Our mission is to address and redress the challenges faced by girls and women in marginalized communities in rural and urban areas

Shift Organics Technology, Zimbabwe
Specialise in Climate Smart Integrated Organic Farming systems. Aquaponics, Black Soldier Fly larvae, vermiculture, Herb production and processing, Organic fertilisers, Bee keeping, Mushroom and small livestock

UN Youth Australia https://unyouth.org.au/
Are a national youth-led organisation that aims to educate and empower young Australians on global issues. Working with Action Change we provide opportunities for young people to access real life projects

Bhongolethu Foundation https://www.bhongolethufoundation.org.za/
An African township school that is in the heart of the community providing education to all.

Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation https://aquariumfoundation.org.za/
Our partners provide emergency rescue and rehabilitation to Turtles and are educating the nation on Marine Conservation.

Coco’s Animal Welfare, Mexico https://cocosanimalwelfare.org/
Our partners in Mexico are providing emergency veterinary care and tackling the stray animal crisis of the streets of Mexico through an outreach program.

Auxilium School, India http://www.auxiliumkattappana.org/
Providing support for school fees to allow access to education for all.

Carmela and Ronnie Pignatelli Foundation, United Kingdom
Thank you for Pignatelli who have helped us fund our food project in Zimbabwe

Shanduko Zimbabwe,
Our partnership to help fight the battle against child marriages and put a stop to this by 2030.

Educandário Creche Comunitária Sonho Vovo Clara, Brazil
A small community school that is really struggling to survive but is providing the last opportunity to many young people looking for education. This partnership allows us to help provide essential and basic education resources while funding a school meal for our students.

Nyota Ing’arayo School, Mombasa Kenya https://nyotaingarayo.com/
Our primary school is located in the heart of the Kenyan slums and provides access for local children to attend school and obtain an education.